While hardwood floors have a great reputation for their hardness and durability, that does not mean they are indestructible. Their long-lasting nature is greatly dependent on the care they get from their homeowners. Regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial to help them look good as new for a long time. Hardwood floors are a worthy investment and should be treated as such. Knowing the things that can cause damage to them is the first step in protecting them. We’re sharing our tips of 4 things to pay attention to that could possibly cause scratches, chips, and other damage to your floors. 

Children & Pets

It’s always either the kids or the dogs’ fault, right? While your kids may not doing anything intentionally to ruin the floors, just their everyday activities could be causing gradual damage. For example, playing with wheeled toys on hardwood floors can cause scratches ( especially if they’ve also been used outdoors and picked up dirt or pebbles in the wheels). A slipped marker while coloring or dropping of toys that are too heavy for them can also damage the floor. The best pay to prevent this is to be a proactive adult! Set rules for where certain toys can be played with, preferably on a rug. Similarly, your cats and dogs are no maliciously causing damage, but long claws can dig into the floor. Make sure you’re cutting their nails regularly to avoid this. 


Make it a rule for the whole house, including adults, kids, and guests; Shoes get left at the door! Certain shoes, especially high heels, and other dress shoes can create scratches or scuffs on your floor. Taking them off before walking on your hardwood floors is the best way to prevent damage! 


Hardwood floors need to be cleaned and maintained, but when done incorrectly, you can actually cause damage. Many people make the mistake of cleaning with water, which does not mix well with wood. Most flooring experts recommend not using water at all, but at most, a lightly dampened mop. Alternatively, you can use a broom and dustpan, or a vacuum cleaner that is safe for flooring. For more tips on cleaning, check out our hardwood flooring maintenance hacks! 

Pooled Water

Now that you know that water is not good for your floors, think about the places in your home that excess water may be pooling on your hardwood. For example, if you have them installed in your kitchen or bathroom, water from the sink or overflowing from the shower can build up on the floor. Spilled drinks, moisture from wet shoes, pets, and beyond can also seep into the floorboards. Wiping it away as quickly as possible will help to prevent further damage to your floors. 

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