Wood floors are a wonderful addition to any home. With more colors and styles to choose from than ever before, many homeowners are opting for this elegant and homey flooring option. Unfortunately, maintaining hardwood floors isn’t as simple as maintaining carpet, tile, or linoleum. If you want to get the most out of your hardwood floors, just follow these tips for simple cleaning and maintenance!

Smoothing Out Dents

If you notice some dents in your hardwood, don’t panic. Place a wet cloth over the dented area, then use a hot iron on top of the cloth. The heat will help smooth out the dent while the cloth protects the finish of the wood. It’s best to test this hack on a small, unnoticeable area of the hardwood before doing a larger area. 

Preventing Scratches

Before you move any tables, chairs, or other furniture, slide socks over the legs. This will provide a smooth glide and prevent the possibility of any scratches. You can also purchase professional moving pads to slip under heavier furniture, such as your sofa, to protect the floor under it. 

Removing Scratches and Scuffs

Sometimes even with all the right precautions in place, scratches and scuffs happen. The good news is that there are a few simple ways to remove them! If your hardwood floor has scuffs, use a magic eraser to remove them. Marks from pens or markers can be removed with the help of toothpaste on a cloth. Both of these methods will require a little elbow grease, so be patient! For surface scratches you should use canola oil to reduce their appearance. 

Creaky Boards

A common complaint from homeowners with hardwood floors is that they creak. If you’re suffering from creaky boards, try dusting some baby powder over them. The powder will work to fill the spaces between boards, eliminating the annoying squeak. 

Quick Floor Cleaner

If you need a quick and easy floor cleaner in between your harsher chemical cleaning treatments, use black tea. This all-natural floor cleaning option is great for households with pets or small children that spend a lot of their time close to the floor. 

These hacks prove that you shouldn’t allow the cleaning and upkeep required keep you from having hardwood floors that you love. There’s always a simple and easy hack to make the job more manageable! If you have deep scratches or other concerns about your hardwood, contact a professional! At Central Mass Hardwood, we specialize in hardwood floor repairs and refinishing, and would be glad to assist you!