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Custom Hardwood Floors in Central MA

No matter what your style, hardwood floors make a great addition to any home. They’re a classic and durable choice that will look beautiful for years to come and even add value to your home. Hardwood floors often give the first impression when someone enters your home, and you want to make sure it’s a good one!  Why not use your floor as a unique design piece to showcase your style? While hardwood flooring is an elegant choice on its own, adding a custom feature will take them to the next level. We specialize in the installation of exotic wood flooring, can create custom medallions, inlays, borders, and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about the custom hardwood flooring services we offer! 

Exotic Wood Species

Wood Floor Medallions

Custom Inlays

Exotic Wood Flooring 

We work with a variety of species, including exotic hardwoods sourced from regions across the globe. Exotic species of wood have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are widely known for their denseness/hardness and natural beauty. They have a distinct color and grain that is much different in comparison to other domestic woods, which are typically more consistent throughout. Using exotic hardwood floors in your home or business often gives a bit more of a striking or bold design feature. Because of their unique grain and coloring, they’re also thought to be easier to maintain, since the patterns hide scuffs or scratches. Some of the most popular exotic hardwoods include Brazillian Cherry, Mahogany, and Australian Cypress. If you’re unsure which exotic wood matches your space best, our experts will be able to point you in the right direction and provide quality installation services.

Wood Floor Medallions

If you think that flooring is boring, think again! Design trends, especially in contemporary spaces, continue to encourage adding unique touches to showcase your style or individuality. The addition of a custom medallion can transform any ordinary wood floor to an extraordinary focal point of the space!. Medallions can be crafted using a variety of different hardwoods, making it easy to coordinate with the rest of your flooring and other materials used in the space.  They can be installed in new or existing hardwood floors, but it’s important to think about the location where you’ll use this design feature. Many homeowners have used it as a stunning centerpiece in the dining room or living room, as a landing piece for the stairway, or even in foyers. Whether you want to add a nautical design, family crest, or other custom artwork, we’ll be glad to assist you in creating a memorable floor accent for your space! 

Borders & Inlays  

Another great way to add a unique touch to your flooring is with custom borders and inlays. Using finely crafter hardwood, we can create breathtaking designs to put a finishing touch on your hardwood floors. This is a great way to outline or define a space. Borders can be installed in new or existing hardwood floors, and are available in many different patterns or can be customized to suit your style!

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At Central Mass Hardwood Inc. we pride ourselves on our quality custom hardwood flooring designs and installations. Since 1996, we’ve been providing the Marlborough MA area and surrounding towns with quality hardwood flooring services for commercial and residential applications. Homeowners and business owners alike have seen their spaces transform with stunning new hardwood floors. We specialize in custom flooring designs to help bring out the unique personality of each home and the family that lives in it. Custom hardwood adds a certain elegance to the home that is unmatched by other types of flooring. Whether its exotic wood flooring, inlays, borders, custom parquet, wood medallions or staircases, our crews can install it. Our team can turn your vision into reality! Get in contact with the experts at Central Mass Hardwood today to get started! Fill out an online form to request a quote or give us a call at 508-460-0199 to learn more. 

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