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different hardwood types

What type of flooring services does your company offer?

Central Mass Hardwood works exclusively with hardwood flooring. Our team of experts offers hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, repairs and customization across central and eastern Massachusetts!

What type of hardwood flooring do you work with?

Central Mass Hardwood specializes in oaks, maple, pine, ash, birch, exotic lines, and a multitude of other hardwood floorings. We offer these species in unfinished and prefinished. Our full gallery of species, stains and finishes can be seen here!

While the floors are being refinished, is it necessary to move out of the house?

In most cases it is in the best interest of our clients to move out of their homes. However, this is dependent on the size, location and timeline of the project. Not all projects require a temporary relocation.

What type of finishes do you work with?

Central Mass Hardwood is proud to offer oil-based and water-based polyurethanes. We have a large selection of manufacturers that we work with, in order to accommodate all price points and styles!

Is your company set up with a Dust Containment System?

Central Mass Hardwood offers a top-rated Dust Containment System. This system helps reduce the amount of airborne dust created when sanding floors. Our team will not only leave you thrilled with the final product, but they will also meet all safety standards to keep your home clean and your family in good health. 

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