Pine is a classic choice or wood flooring. That should be no surprise because of how durable and affordable it is. It also comes ready to be finished according to your own personal taste. 

Pine is often chosen because it has a warm, home feel and appearance. It is also able to be long-lasting. Being easy on both your wallet and the environment is another added perk of choosing pine for your flooring.  

Charming Appearance

Pine flooring is available in a large variety of colors, whether you are looking for a nearly white to golden yellow, or even to rich browns and reds, you can find your desired look in pine flooring.  You get an inviting and rustic appeal due to the wood’s prominent grain, pin holes, and the knots that give this wood its character. 

Pine flooring typically comes unfinished, which gives you the chance to finish it in any color that suits your preferences and your home. Tung oil will give the floor a traditional look and a warm glow. However, pine also takes stain and paint well.  If you prefer the natural color of the wood, you should treat your floor with a clear varnish or whitewashing to prevent it from getting darker. 

The rustic appearance of pine makes it a fantastic fit for a log home or a country cabin, or even just adding warmth to a more modern interior or commercial office. 


Pine flooring is very durable. In fact, around the country, there are pine floors that are 100 years or older and are still being used today. A pine floor will benefit you for the complete life of your home, unlike a temporary floor covering such as linoleum. Although pine is not known for having problems with shrinking or swelling, it will benefit from a coating of polyurethane in humid climates.

Environmental Sustainability

Pine is a softwood and grows faster than the hardwoods that are typically used for flooring, suca as walnut or oak. This is why the pine is better equipped for environmentally friendly afforestation. 

To be sure that you are buying the sustainable product you desire, look for pine certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Also, try to find and use reclaimed pine, which has been salvaged from older buildings and is available at most lumber suppliers. 

Budget Friendly

Softwoods such as pine generally cost less money than hardwoods. Pine is often half the price of hardwoods such as oak, maple, and mahogany. It can even cost less than the cost of luxury vinyl tile, which is typically designed to resemble the appearance of wood. Although some softwoods such as fir, cedar, and cypress are lower in cost than most hardwoods, they are lacking the properties that make pine such a popular choice.

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