While it has been popular in Europe for years, white oak hardwood flooring has been exploding in popularity in North American in recent years. It’s become increasingly apparent over the years that white oak hardwood provides a multitude of benefits that go beyond other hardwood flooring choices. Below are some of the top benefits of choosing white oak hardwood flooring!

Contemporary Look and Feel

White oak flooring has a more modern and contemporary look and feel than the traditional graining look that red oak offers. The rings of white oak grow closer together, giving it a smooth and uniform look. Mineral streaks also add to the look and provide the modern look with a vintage feel, which fits a lot of the modern farmhouse and industrial styles. 


White oak has a decent hardness to it that makes it incredibly durable and resilient to dents and gouges. The graining of the white oak will also help hide scratches that get on the floor over the years. 


Not only is white oak durable, but it’s also water-resistant. This makes white oak perfect for kitchens because it is closed-grain wood. The pores of the wood are clogged by tyloses, so water and other liquids can’t penetrate the wood as easily. White oak is widely used in boats and front doors for this very reason. It is not entirely waterproof, so you will need to clean up spills, but the wood provides ample protection. 

Shade Options

The wood reacts well with stains and reactive treatments. These are becoming increasingly popular, and white oak is a perfect canvas for them. The pores do a great job absorbing stains, giving your floor a nice and rich color. White oak goes great with everything, from understated to grays to the darkest of hues. 


Despite all of the benefits white oak offers, it is still reasonably priced due to its well-maintained forestation in North America and Europe. White oak grows in abundance in the United States, but with expanding demands due to industry trends, its pricing will increase in the upcoming year. 

Distressed Texture

You may want a farmhouse or a distressed look, either way, the character that white oak provides makes it more natural and comfortable than other hardwood options. White oak has a blander palette, so the eye is drawn towards natural imperfections, like knotholes and graining, that give it an interesting texture. White oak is a great hardwood flooring product that provides you with a wealth of benefits. 

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