When you have a furry friend, you know the struggles of keeping a clean home. Between dog hair, slobber, toys all over the floor, it’s enough just to vacuum and tidy up. And then you realize the more permanent damage that your dog may be leaving: Bite marks on furniture, stains on the carpet, and scratches to your floors. Even if you trim your dog’s nails down short, it won’t necessarily stop him from scratching up your hardwood floors. One way you can try to combat this issue is by choosing a hardwood floor type that will be resilient against your dogs wear and tear. You’ll want to opt for a wood that is hard enough to resist scratches from your dog’s nails.


Brazilian hardwood flooring is a dense material that can withstand a substantial amount of wear. Depending on your preferences and color schemes, you can go with a darker or light shade. Brazilian walnut, teak, or cherry are all popular options.  

Hard Maple

A material that has long been used on basketball courts, taking the abuse of constant ball dribbling and squeaky sneakers, is durable enough to hold up against your pet’s paws. However, don’t confuse hard maple with any maple. It is a specific material, also called sugar or maple rock.


Bamboo is also a popular option for pet owners, because of its sustainability and durability. It is a stain-resistant and eco-friendly choice.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

No matter which type of hardwood floor you choose, remember that proper maintenance is the best way to keep your floors looking newer for longer. Always wipe up urine or other accidents promptly, use doormats at all entrances to catch debris, and designate a spot with an area rug or pet bed for your dog to play with toys. Remember to also trim your dog’s nails regularly to avoid scratching. Conditioning your floors once per year will also extend their lifespan.

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