Refinishing your floor is certainly a big project. Even if you are having it done professionally, it is still time that you can’t use your space. The finish of your flooring can also impact the value of your home. It makes sense to choose the most durable finish now so that you can save time, money and energy down the line. So – which hardwood floor finish is the most durable and the best choice for your home?

Water-Based Urethane

Water-based urethane has a lot of advantages. It dries easily via evaporation and has less odor than other refinishing choices. It is a finish that is easy-to-clean, making it a great choice for any homes with pets or children. It is cost-friendly per application. However, it does have to be applied more often due to evaporation over time, so that does mean higher costs and more inconvenience in the long run.


Shellac is a favorite choice of woodworkers. It is inexpensive, dries quickly, and doesn’t turn yellow with age. However, it also tends to deteriorate quickly, which means more applications over time.


If you find the finishing process tedious, lacquer can be a good choice. It is sprayed on instead of the traditional application and it dries quickly. However, it does have toxic fumes, which limits when you can apply it, and it is also not the most durable finish.

Oil-Based Finishes

If you want a finish that will truly stand the test of time, oil-based urethane is one of the best choices. It is the most used finish because it provides a glossy shine and is durable. Ears. It also

Penetrating Finishes

If you are more interested in staining and finishing your floor, a penetrating finish is the way to go. These finishes are made of tung, linseed or other natural oils. The application of this finish can last a good number of years, but it is not the glossiest option if that ranks high on your priority list.

Swedish Finish

The Swedish Finish is one of the most durable finish options. All it takes to maintain its shine is light mopping, which makes it an attractive option. A Swedish finish is an alcohol-based varnish. It is highly flammable, so it is important to keep that in mind. 

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If you are looking for a durable floor finish, consider an oil-based, penetrating or Swedish floor finish. If you aren’t sure how to narrow it down from there, need help professionally applying a floor finish, or are looking to install new or replace your hardwood floors, contact Central Mass Hardwood. We can provide a reliable, professional quote for hardwood floor installation for your home!