Prefinished hardwood floors have become a popular floor choice for many homeowners. They add warmth, value, and beauty to any space. The prefinished hardwood is a newer form of flooring that has become more popular than the traditional hardworking flooring installed as unfinished planks. There are some key differences between the two, and before choosing prefinished hardwood floors, we encourage you to consider the pros and cons.

Pros of Prefinished Hardwood Floors

  • Emits no smell – There is no smell associated with this floor. It is odorless and suitable for the living environment. 
  • Better coating – It provides a more uniform and thicker floor coating than what is possible manually.
  • Easy to install – The prefinished hardwood floor is easy to install. There are not many steps required to fix it. It skips the process of sanding, staining and coating don on unfinished woods.
  • It is durable – With proper maintenance, prefinished hardwood can last for a long time. It is an extremely durable material.
  • Zero sanding – It does not require sanding.
  • Ease of purchase – The prefinished hardwood floor is more accessible to purchase than other types in the market. It’s a ubiquitous product to find.

Cons of Prefinished Hardwood Floors

  • Higher Cost – A significant disadvantage of prefinished hardwood floor is that it is costly compared to other options.
  • Not suitable for all weathers – Changes in moisture can cause woods to expands and contrasts. The combination of high humidity and dry spells can damage prefinished hardwood floors. Due to the adverse effect of wet moisture on the wood, it’s not advisable to install it in wet areas such as laundry and bath areas. 
  • Susceptible to dent and scratch – Scratches and dents from unprotected furniture feet, dog toenails, iron scratches, and others are some of the possibilities that can cause damage to the prefinished hardwood floors. They are tools you can use to conceal it, but if the scratch or dent becomes extensive, you need to refinish it.
  • Difficult to repair – If it gets severely damaged by a dent or a scratch, you have to replace the whole floorboard to fix it. Except you want to patch it and are comfortable with the patched area having a different color shade from the other regions.

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