We all know that architecture and interior design trends are constantly changing. While carpeted floors were the norm for many years, Massachusetts homeowners are once again ditching their carpets in favor of hardwood flooring thanks to their elegance, ease of customization and durability. If you are a Massachusetts homeowner looking to lay hardwood in place of carpet, Central Mass Hardwood Inc. is the team for the job!

Hardwood Under Carpet

Many homes, especially those built prior to 1970 may actually have previously installed hardwood flooring underneath their carpet- lucky you! As tempting as it may be to tear out this carpet yourself, it is best to opt for help from a professional flooring company. Scrapes, gouges, or other damage to hardwood is common when the carpets are improperly removed leading to even more repair work.

Once the carpets are removed and the hardwood is exposed there will likely be a need for restaining due to the wear and tear over the years. Fortunately, Central Mass Hardwood Inc. also offers full-service refurbishing and refinishing.

First Time Hardwood Floor Installs

If you are looking to remove carpet that does not cover original hardwood, it is still best to let our staff handle the job. Our trained staff can remove all old carpets with no damage to your home as well as dispose of the carpeting safely and promptly.

Once your carpet is entirely removed our team will get to work installing the hardwood floor you have always dreamed of!

Contact Central Mass Hardwood Inc.

Whether you are hoping to uncover a previously installed hardwood floor or are installing a brand new floor altogether, the first step is removing those old carpets. Let us do the dirty work for you- contact Central Mass Hardwood Inc. today to get started!