Hardwood floors are not only practical, but they are a timeless design element that can increase the value of any home. If you’re considering having new flooring installed in your home, hardwood is well worth the investment.

As with any major project, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to hardwood installation. The more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare once the installation is scheduled, whether it’s just one room or your entire home. 

The Project May Extend to Your Subflooring

Depending on the age of your home and the type of room or rooms you’re having hardwood flooring installed in, it may be worth having your subfloor replaced ahead of the installation. It may be the only time for decades that the subfloor will be exposed and easily accessed for repairs.

Replacing subflooring might also be necessary to ensure it can support the new hardwood flooring you’re putting down. It can also help reduce creaking noises when walking across the floor, so it’s something to consider as part of the larger floor replacement project.

New Flooring May Impact Other Elements of Your Home

The height of your new hardwood floor could be significant enough to impact doors, trim, baseboards, and other floorings in your home. Your contractor should bring this up during the planning stages, but if you have concerns, be sure to let them know. 

It is easier to address any significant gaps or areas that will need to be adjusted to allow for the extra room before the flooring goes down. Otherwise, waiting until the flooring is going in to take care of these issues could delay your installation. 

New Hardwood Flooring Needs to Acclimate

Don’t be surprised if your contractor tells you that they’ll need to lay out the hardwood flooring in your home a week ahead of the actual installation. This is a crucial step that should not be skipped. 

While it may seem strange, the wood will need some time to adjust to your home’s environment before being permanently laid down. But it may mean that your access to the areas where the hardwood is acclimating will be limited, so keep that in mind when planning out your replacement project. 

Being Prepared Will Make All The Difference

Now that you know what to expect when having hardwood floors installed, you won’t be blindsided by the lesser-known aspects of the process. Being able to plan for minor inconveniences and other steps along the way will not only make the installation smoother for you but for your contractor as well. Are you ready to install new hardwood flooring in your Central Massachusetts home? Contact Central Mass Hardwood Inc. today to get a quote!