Hardwood floors, while durable, still require occasional maintenance. One common maintenance service that Central Mass Hardwood Inc. completes in Central MA homes is our hardwood floor sanding. But what exactly is hardwood floor sanding, and how often do your hardwood floors in Central MA need it done?

What is Hardwood Floor Sanding?

Hardwood floor sanding is, well, exactly what the name suggests! Using special sanders and abrasive materials, flooring contractors can buff out chips, scrapes, and other imperfections from the top layers of your hardwood floors. However, it is important to note that hardwood floor sanding does remove a considerable amount of your hardwood floor’s depth and should only be done as absolutely necessary by a team of professionals like Central Mass Hardwood Inc.

When is Hardwood Floor Sanding Necessary?

Hardwood floor sanding is by no means something that is part of a regular maintenance schedule, like dusting or sweeping. The nature of hardwood floor sanding leaves it reserved for special instances where serious damage to the surface of your floors that cannot otherwise be undone occurs. 

High-traffic areas are those that tend to require hardwood floor sanding over less visited ones. These areas of focus include entryways that see high foot traffic and dirt and debris being carried inside, hallways, and main living areas. Areas where furniture, like chairs, are constantly moved around and potentially dragged on the floor can also leave rooms at risk of surface damage, necessitating hardwood floor sanding.

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How Does Hardwood Floor Sanding Work?

As earlier stated, Central Mass Hardwood Inc. utilizes industrial-grade sanders and tools to gently yet effectively remove thin layers of your hardwood flooring until all imperfections have been taken care of. We also use our dust containment systems to ensure all dust and debris from the process is swiftly removed and does not linger in your home and the work area.

After sanding is completed, our team will re-stain and polish your exposed layers of hardwood flooring, giving it a brand-new appearance!

Contact Central Mass Hardwood Inc. to Have Your Hardwood Floors Sanded

Homeowners in Central MA may be tempted to sand floors themselves, but this work should always be done by a team of experts like Central Mass Hardwood Inc., who have the tools and experience to do it right the first time! Our quick and affordable floor sanding service and various stain and polish options have made us Central Massachusetts’ best hardwood flooring team for decades! Contact us today to schedule your hardwood flooring sanding visit.