Over the past years, the flooring business has changed in terms of newly developed products. Innovations in flooring have tried to capture not only the aesthetic appeal but durability and keeping it affordable to homeowners. Nailing this trifecta is subjective and based on the homeowner’s particular needs. True hardwood and engineered wood have been the two common choices for wood flooring but which option is the better choice?


Durability can be a big factor for homeowners that may have kids or a dog. Having a stronger floor can save you loads of cash in replacement and maintenance. Engineered hardwood floors are designed in layers and are made to be strong. Oppose to hardwood that is typically made in one whole plank. Both types of floors are equally strong. They both require refinishing after a number of years. The main difference in durability has to do with the moisture level. Having true hardwood floors can be difficult at because humidity and trapped moisture can expand the wood floors causing cracks and breakage. Most of the time you cannot install true hardwood in your basement because the moisture can tear up your floors. This is where engineered hardwood edges out its similar competitor.


When it comes to installation, the true hardwood can be installed with nails. Engineered hardwood can be installed in a variety of ways like gluing or float, staples or nails, and a lock and fold technology that has been developed specifically for engineered floors. The available options on styles are just about the same for both types of flooring. Most importantly the price of engineered hardwood is substantially lower.


The winner is…

Overall it seems that engineered hardwood is the victor and beats true hardwood flooring in many categories. Engineered hardwood may be the perfect flooring trifecta you are looking for. Take a look at some of the hardwood projects in Central Mass Hardwood Gallery today for inspirations. Central Hardwood mass is the top hardwood installer in the state. Assuring top quality hardwood floors in you your home today. The professionals at Central Mass Hardwood can walk you through step by step through your project. Call Central Mass Hardwood Inc. today for your professional consultation.