Wood floors are a popular interior design choice because of their breathtaking beauty and overall durability. Just because they’re durable doesn’t mean they’re immune to scratches and damages, though. Restoring hardwood floors and repairing scratches will be inevitable if you have wood floors in your home, but consistent maintenance ensures you get your money’s worth out of those gorgeous floors! If you’re struggling to remove difficult scratches, give these tips a try. 

Gentle Surface Cleaning

The first step towards repairing your floors is to start with a clean surface. Using a broom to sweep your floors poses the risk of dragging debris across the floor, causing even more scratches. Instead, use a vacuum with a hardwood attachment or a soft mop to clean the surface of the floors. This is how you should continue cleaning them on a regular basis, too, not just before you make scratch repairs. 


Did you know that walnuts can repair scratches in your hardwood floors? This trick is a great option when you don’t have many supplies on hand or funds to buy wood repair items. Warm a walnut up in your hands before rubbing it in circular motions over the scratches on your wood floor. The natural oils in the walnut will help fill in the scratches. After a few moments, use a soft cloth to remove the excess oil and enjoy your repaired floors! 

Utilize Scratch Repair Products

There are tons of products marketed towards scratch repair on hardwood floors. From Old English to Scratch Away and many other brands, there’sthere’s plenty to choose from. Utilize these scratch repair products to repair scratches shortly after they happen and keep your floors looking great! 

Call a Professional 

For deep scratches and other damages to your hardwood floors, it’s best to contact a hardwood repair professional. They will have the tools and the knowledge to properly fix your floors. Some floors will need to be stripped and re-stained, which is not an easy project to DIY. A Professional contractor can also help you refinish your floors to give them a modern facelift to keep up with the 2021 trends! 

Contact Central Mass Hardwood today to learn more about hardwood repair and refinishing from a highly experienced and trained contractor. Even the most damaged hardwood floors have a second life in them, you just have to have the right person for the job!