The flooring in your home has a big impact on the overall aesthetic and comfort of the space. If you have floors you hate, you will never really love the overall look of your home. Upgrading your floors is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will the new floors give your home a major facelift, but they’ll also raise the potential resale value too! Below we’ll talk about one of the less popular, but equally gorgeous and valuable options, wide plank flooring.

What is Wide Plank Flooring?

Traditional hardwood flooring is less than 4 inches wide. Wide plank flooring features boards that are between 6 and 20 inches wide. That kind of width requires a longer board too. Since the planks of wood are both wide and long, the types of trees that are large enough to provide the materials needed for wide plank flooring are limited. Wide plank flooring can only be cut from the trunk of a large tree, not the branches or limbs.


The first big pro that comes along with wide plank flooring is an increased resale value for your home. Of course, any type of flooring would raise the value of your home, but the jump is a lot more significant when wide plank flooring is used.

The other perk of having wide plank floors is how great the floors look! This type of flooring flows more smoothly because there are fewer board seams. Wide planks pair especially well with rustic décor for a classic design.


We already discussed how limited the supply can be for wide plank flooring, so it’s no surprise that these floors can’t just be purchased on a whim. Wide plank floors are ordered in advance so the manufacturer can find the necessary materials. This leaves homeowners with a longer waiting period from when they choose their new floor design to when it can be installed.

This extended timeline and limited availability has a major impact on one other thing – cost. Wide plank floors are more expensive than traditional hardwood options. Homeowners can expect an increase of at least $2 per square foot if they’re purchasing wide plank flooring.

The final con comes with the installation of wide plank flooring. While many homeowners are adventurous enough to attempt a DIY installation project for traditional width floors, installing wide plank floors is a lot more challenging. You’ll need to leave the installation process to the professionals this time around.

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