Planning to install new hardwood floors in your home? Then you are likely aware of the dozens of options and potential uncertainty associated with picking a hardwood floor stain which best fits your vision for the overall style of your home. Our team at Central Mass Hardwood Inc strives for customer satisfaction from start to finish in all projects- so here we will be breaking down some of our most popular stain options. Please note that we offer many different stain options aside from those listed here! Click here to view the full range of hardwood stain options offered by Central Mass Hardwood Inc.

Two Main Style Options

The options of stain which we offer can be broken down into two categories: light stain and dark stain. Determining whether you prefer light or dark stain is the first step in choosing which Central Mass Hardwood Inc stain option is the best pick for your hardwood flooring installation.

Dark Stains

Dark stains can give your home a deep and subtle feel and homeowners tend to like the pairing of dark stains and lighter colored furniture and rugs to add a balanced contrast to their home. Dark stains can also be considered a better investment for your home as they are far less sensitive to light damage than lighter stains are and are also easier to touch up in the case of scratch or gouge in the floor. Some of our preferred dark stains are Red Mahogany and Spice Brown.

Light Stains

Light stains also have many benefits unique to their coloration. First off, unlike dark stain floors, our customers tend to balance a light stain with darker home accents and furniture. A light stain can also lend a natural and more casual feel to a space while even making your space feel larger! Since a lighter stain reflects light it can provide an illusion that a space is larger and more open. Many customers working with smaller square footage floor plans prefer light stain for this reason. Examples of popular light stains we offer include Golden Oak and Country White.


The truth is, no stain is inherently better than another. Both light and dark offer their own unique pros and cons. The ultimate decision always lies within the hands of the homeowner, but Central Mass Hardwood Inc employs an expert staff that is eager to help customers all the way through. Whether it’s a completely custom flooring installation, or a refinishing and repair project our staff is eager to make your dreams become a reality! Contact us today for a free estimate and visit our FAQ page to see why Central Mass Hardwood Inc is the best choice for your hardwood flooring projects!