As a hardwood floor owner, you are probably already diligent with maintenance. You know that in the wintertime, you have to clear wet coats and shoes quickly. You know that you have to clean up any salt and snow that might be tracked in. 

However, there are also important summer maintenance tips that you may not have considered. This article will walk you through what those are so you can keep your floors looking nice and safe from damage for years to come. 

Clear Sand Quickly

Had a fun day at the beach? Make sure you clear sand quickly as it can easily damage your floor’s finish. If you can, keep sandy toys and shoes outside (at least until you can hose them off.) If sand does get in your home, vacuuming it is often safer than trying to sweep it up. 

Apply a Protectant

As you start thinking about sand particles, there are probably lots of other things you can think of that you or your family might be tracking in from more trips outdoors that could damage your floors. While cleaning quickly and often is key, you can also apply a protecting product that will help keep your floors safe and scratch-free. 

Protect Your Floor From UV Rays

The summer months create longer and more intense UV rays. These rays can discolor your wood floors. For example, American cherry becomes darker the more it is exposed to the sun. To cut down on this discoloration, you’ll want to keep your curtains closed as much as possible during the day.

Minimize Moisture

If you have kids running around, squirt guns, water balloons and wet clothes piled on the floor can all create indoor puddles that you might not expect. Watering cans, ice, and rainboots can be culprits as well. Be sure to clean up moisture quickly to prevent warping and other damage to your hardwood floors. 

Use Special Hardwood Cleaner

This tip is useful all year, but it is worth noting here. Many people utilize regular mopping solutions for all of their floors – but there are special cleaners made specifically for hardwood. These cleaners help keep your finish intact and your wood looking its best, so be sure that you are utilizing this type of cleaner. 

Contact Central Mass Hardwood

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