For some people, taking your shoes off when you enter the home is the norm. Other families are used to walking into and around their home without thinking twice about the shoes on their feet. If you have hardwood floors, it’s especially important that you’re aware of your shoes. You should always take your shoes off before walking on your hardwood floors. Although hardwood is durable, just like any surface, it’ll be subject to wear and tear over time if not taken care of properly. Removing your shoes helps to protect your floors from scratches, water damage, and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s important to take your shoes off on hardwood floors.

Preventing Scratches

Scratches on your hardwood will distract from the beauty of the floors. Your eyes will be drawn to those scratches until they’re fixed, so preventing a scratch before it occurs is always the better option! Shoes are prone to picking up small objects as you walk. A tiny rock or grit from the asphalt can get stuck in the tread of your shoe without you feeling anything. When you walk on the hardwood, those items that have gotten stuck can cause scratches in your hardwood floors. Removing your shoes is the only sure way to know that there’s nothing on the bottom of your feet that could leave scratches behind.

Less Cleaning

Small, scratchy rocks aren’t the only thing that can get stuck to your shoes. Walking inside with your shoes on leaves you open to dragging in extra dirt, leaves, dust, and other debris. That means you’ll spend more time sweeping and mopping your hardwood floors the keep them clean. A simple change by taking your shoes off at the door will actually reduce the number of minutes you spend each week cleaning your floors!

Stop Bacteria at the Door

Bacteria and germs are able to cling to your shoes, too. Bacteria may be too small to make a visible mess, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless in your home. Walking through your house with shoes on brings those harmful bacteria and germs from everywhere you’ve been that day into your home. They can go into the air, come in contact with furniture, and get uncomfortably close with any young children or pets in the home. Don’t take the risk of getting sick from the bacteria that could be in your shoes; Take them off at the door!

Contact Central Mass Hardwood for Repairing & Refinishing

In conclusion, removing your shoes at the door is a simple step that can save you big in the long run. However, if your hardwood floors have seen better days, don’t worry! Central Mass Hardwood is an experienced flooring company specializing in refinishing and repairing hardwood floors. Our team will leave your hardwood floors looking better than they have in years! We also have the tools and experience required for a high-quality new hardwood installation job. If you’re looking to extend your existing hardwood to new areas of the home, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to request a custom quote and get started.