The rug a thick fabric that covers parts of a floor of a home. Most rugs are woven of wool and other materials, sometimes made of a treated skin of an animal. Rugs can come in many shapes and sizes sometimes plain or decked in designs. Rugs have been woven throughout history in many cultures. Persian rugs have been known to cost thousands of dollars.

The kitchen can be a place that can be redesigned to the tip top from doors, cabinets, and appliances. How about the floors? Whats the pros and cons of adding a rug?


Well, the pros to adding a kitchen/dining rug are that it brings a sense of coziness to the kitchen area. Instead of the traditional boring tile or vinyl flooring, you can have the comfort of a rug between your toes. Rugs can be great at damage control, if you were to spill any ingredient or liquid on the rug it’s a short helper to cleaning up. If your home doesn’t heat up well the rug can be a source of insulation and warmth in your kitchen/ dining area. Rugs if correctly placed can reduce the chance of slipping.



There are cons to having a rug in the kitchen or dining area of your home. The rug can help you clean up although if it goes unattended or you haven’t cleaned thoroughly, dirt and bacteria can build up making it a threat to your health. Scatter rugs have been known to be a tripping hazard if they are incorrectly placed. Most rugs are made from fabrics that can easily catch fire and for obvious reasons like cooking rugs can be a fire hazard in a kitchen.


Rugs can be a creative way to light up a kitchen and express yourself depending on the style of the rug. It’s really up to you to have a rug in your kitchen just be very careful and take precaution. If you want to stay away from adding a rug to your kitchen/dining area but still want to make a change. You should call a flooring professional like Central Hardwod Inc on options to make your kitchen/dining area floor the talk at the dinner table.