There’s nothing more annoying than a dirt floor in your home. It is unappealable, unsanitary, and even not safe to people in the house to have a dirty floor. Here are a few guidelines to follow to keep your floor clean and dust free.

Studies have shown that about 32 percent of Americans sweep at least once a week. Sweeping once a week can help cut down dust but you can do much better than that. Try investing in a vacuum and use that to clean up once a week. Vacuums typically make the once a week clean up much easier and more thorough. Most vacuums can be used on any floor surface from hardwood to carpet. It is advised to use a vacuum on the carpet to get deep where filth and bacteria can hide.

Dirty tracks

A way to minimize the amount of dirt in your home is to take off your shoes at the door. Invest in a shoe rack and basket of socks. That way any dirt from the outside can be left near the rack for easy cleanup and anyone entering the home can put on a pair of fresh clean socks. If you have pets be sure to grab a mat for them to wipe their paws clean. Most pet stores have this rug available. This item can be a clutch pick up to minimize any unwanted filth being dragged into your home by your furry family member.


You have to be sure to mop your home at least 1 a week to get rid of any bacteria that is sticking to your ground. Be sure to use disinfectant and scented fresheners to at that extra touch of cleanliness to your home. Well, there you have a few basic tips to keep your floors fresh.