When designing a room in your home, there’s probably more decisions to make than you ever thought possible… Choosing furniture, a flooring material, what color to paint the walls… and then trying to coordinate them all can make your head spin! With so many different options, it sometimes seems near impossible to make just the right choice. We’ve put together a quick guide to help choose a stain for your hardwood floor that will naturally complement your wall colors.

First, decide if you want contrast…

Creating a strong contrast in your room, by using two colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, can have a lasting impact. This is one of the basics that any interior designer will tell you. Try choosing a dark finish, paired with a light colored wall. (Or vice versa)

High Contrast Combos:

Royal mahogany finish works well with a pastel blue or green paint, giving you a dramatic contrast in your space. Brazilian cherry floors against a classic cream or beige wall is simple, yet highly satisfying to the eye. Or, switch it up with a light color floor and darker paint color.  Because White Oak flooring is so light, try pairing it with a rich charcoal or navy to avoid looking washed out.

Low Contrast Combos:

Or, if you’d rather create a room with low contrast, mix and match to find hues with equal strength. With low contrast rooms, you can add intricate textures, patterns, and accent colors to create an appealing aesthetic. For a low contrast look, the hues of a mahogany finish can work well with a deep red or green. An ash finish paired with a crisp white will create a clean and elegant look. And with such light colors, your room will bounce around plenty of natural light! For a warm look, trying pairing red oak with a shade of apricot. This dynamic duo will leave you feeling cozy and comfortable in your new space!

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