Hardwood floors are a timeless design element that can complement the aesthetic of any home. They are a popular choice for both renovations and new builds, but not all hardwood floor installations are created equal.

There is a right way to install hardwood floors and many wrong ways to do it. If you’re looking to hire a hardwood installer for a project at your home or they’ve already done the work and you want to make sure it was done right, this guide will walk you through what to look out for.

The Installer Had You Sign a Contract

This has less to do with the floors and more to do with the contractor you’ve hired to do the work, but it is still an important consideration. You should receive a price quote in writing from the installer before any work begins. If they have you sign any paperwork, make sure you get a copy for your records, as this will serve as a contract for the work.

Environmental Considerations are Made

There’s a lot more to hardwood installation than just laying down boards. Hardwood floors are subject to their surroundings and can be affected by humidity and other moisture. The person installing your hardwood floors should take these things into account before any work is done. 

They should also allow plenty of time for the hardwood to acclimate to the room or rooms it is being installed in once it has been delivered. Rushing this process can cause problems down the road that can be frustrating and expensive to fix.

Preparations are Made Before the Installation

Hardwood floors can be kind of like a puzzle. Most rooms aren’t perfectly square and cuts must be made to the wood to accommodate doorways, closets, stairs, and other home elements. A good hardwood installer will make sure they have all the pieces of the puzzle in place before nailing them down. They should also take care to ensure the subfloor is in good shape before laying down any boards. 

The Flooring is Secured to Industry Standards

Once all the boards have been placed and nailed down there is a way to check and make sure that they are fastened properly to the subfloor. The average customer shouldn’t have to do this, but if you suspect the work wasn’t done right, you can take a closer look at how the boards were nailed down.

Count the number of nails in each board; there should be at least two, if not more. Nails should be spaced no more than 12 inches apart from one another and they should be one to three inches from either end of the board. If they don’t meet these standards it could be a red flag.

Work With the Experts at Central Mass Hardwood Inc.

Hardwood floors are an investment that should last for years to come when installed correctly. Don’t work with contractors who will cut corners and do a lackluster job, contact Central Mass Hardwood Inc. today and have your new floors installed by the best!