The time has come for your new hardwood floor to be installed. You may be wondering what needs to be done ahead of time or why you would need to do anything at all. It can be a big process if you aren’t ready for new flooring. Unless your installer has agreed ahead of time to take care of preparations, there are some things that you need to know.

Why Do I Need to Prepare?

Imagine your hardwood floor arriving for installation and the crew is unable to install it because of the lack of prep work completed. If your flooring installer has informed you that they will take care of all preparation, there is nothing for you to worry about. However, you may want to take preventative measures to save the rest of your home from a lot of cleanup or potential damage.

How to Help Reduce Dust

Dust is a common element of hardwood floor installation. Dust can spread throughout your home in a number of ways, including:

  • Doorways
  • Between doors and jambs
  • Vents and ducts
  • Windows, sills, and pass-throughs
  • Shoes

By being aware of ways that dust can spread, you can prepare to prevent it. While it may help to close doors off from areas where sanding is taking place, it can also be incredibly beneficial to seal off doorways, vents, and windows. You can also prevent the spread of dust by clearing the worksite and using foot coverings. Doing so will keep the dust contained and easier to clean up.

Take Down Doors

Doors can get in the way when it comes to installing flooring, depending on where they’ll be installed. If they’re being installed in the entryway, for example, to the door may present an issue. In order to prevent any damages to your doors, it can be beneficial to remove them ahead of time. Although it may take two people, the removal of doors is typically an easy process. It involves tapping up on the hinge pins with a hammer, removing them, and sliding the door off the hinges. You can store the doors in a safe location covered with a safe wrapping or blanket for security.

Remove Baseboards and Trim

If you want to replace your baseboards and trim, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. Otherwise, if you are planning on using the same baseboards and trim, it is important to remove them carefully so as not to damage them. Many homes have baseboards with numerous coats of paint on them, making removal difficult. A razor blade can help to cut through the layers of adhesive prior to removal. However, professionals advise that you act with caution to avoid injury and damage to your walls, baseboards, and trim.

Ensure Subfloor is of Good Quality

Perhaps you’ve noticed flaws in your subfloor before the flooring installers have arrived. If this is the case, it can be a good idea to fix any issues while you have the chance. Some flooring companies will do this for you, but it is not guaranteed. Check with your flooring company to see what you might expect in this situation. If you need to make improvements on your subfloor, do so prior to flooring installation.

Provide a Cutting Area

If you have no room for your installers to make cuts nearby, your flooring process will take much longer. You can often use a section of your yard with tarps or tents or even a large porch if you have one. Some people offer the use of their garage for cutting. Preparing an area where your installers can cut and carry pieces into your home is ideal.

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