Hardwood floors can bring stunning, traditional beauty to any Central Massachusetts home or business. While hardwood floors are certainly known for their exceptional durability, they are by no means immune to damage if they are not well maintained.

Between the snow, ice, and salt seen in Massachusetts winters, springtime mud, and moisture, and summertime salt water and chlorine from oceans and pools, your Central Massachusetts hardwood floors are taking a beating year-round! However, even with all of the potential threats to hardwood floors, protecting them and keeping them looking as if they are brand new is, realistically, quite simple. Continue reading below to see how the experts at Central Mass Hardwood Inc. recommend you protect your home or business’ hardwood floors.

Never Let Spills Sit

Accidents happen, especially when you have children or pets in your home. However, in the event that you do see a spill on your hardwood floors, it is imperative that you clean it up immediately. Though your reaction may be to grab a wet mop for the mess, the excess moisture can actually lead to worse damage, as hardwood floors can cup or split when overexposed to moisture. Instead, a dry or lightly dampened cloth is the preferred method as it will contain the mess while not having to expose flooring to excess moisture.

Rely On Furniture Pads

If hardwood floors had a kryptonite it would be scratches! Scrapes and scratches can seriously damage hardwood floors and lead to costly repairs.

One of the most common causes of these scratches is furniture. No matter if you’re moving a heavy desk or routinely pushing in your chair at the dinner table, furniture can easily and severely scrape your floors. The best way to avoid furniture-related damage is by placing furniture pads on the underside of tables, desks, chairs, and any other furniture that may be in contact with your hardwood floors. Not only does this protect them, but it also makes furniture easier to move!

Dust Floors Regularly

Sweeping or dusting floors regularly is an effective way to remove any dust or debris from on top of or in between your hardwood floor planks. Simple daily living can track dust, dirt, and more into your home, leaving it to be trapped by your floors. This is especially the case if you have pets living in your home alongside you!

Dirt and debris trapped in your floors can lead to allergens staying airborne, but even more so, you can begin gouging and scraping your floors as tiny pieces of debris are tracked throughout your home. It may seem like a chore, but frequent dusting can protect your floors for years to come.

Install and Protect Your Hardwood Floors With Central Mass Hardwood Inc.

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