Keeping your hardwood floors in good condition guarantees long lifespans. Here is a breakdown of how you can take care of your hardwood floors.

Selecting Proper Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the right hardwood flooring is the first move to maintain your flooring and its longevity. You have to select based on the type of wood, color, hardness, grain, and finish. Hardwoods like oak, cherry, and maple are often chosen because of their innate durability and resistance to wear and tear. Tougher woods are more suitable for areas with high foot activity because they are more resistant to dents and scratches. Pre-finished hardwood options have a factory-layered finish that lasts longer and has a warranty. Site-finished hardwood floors give homeowners more customization options and can easily blend with existing floors.

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Damage

Next, you must know how to keep your hardwood floors from harm’s way. Pets, furniture, heeled shoes, the sun, etc can damage hardwood flooring. Likewise, there are numerous ways to protect them.

  1. Get protective pads. Fixing these pads under the legs of your furniture prevents them from scratching and denting your hardwood floors.
  2. Groom your pets. If you have a dog or a feline lover, ensure their nails are constantly trimmed to prevent them from scratching your floors.
  3. No high-heeled shoes on the floor. This policy can work for all shoes in general. But you can restrict it to high heels to prevent those in bad condition from denting your floor.
  4. Beware of sunlight. As time goes by, UV rays can significantly fade your hardwood floors. Install some curtains, window blinds, or ultraviolet-resistant films to avoid this.
  5. Take care of spills immediately. Allowing spills to stay longer than they should on your hardwood flooring will lead to stains and warps. So, clean them as soon as they occur. You should also get a rug for places where spills have more chances of occurring, like in the kitchen.

Essential Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

  1. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt that can harm the floor’s finish. Make use of a soft-bristle brush when you are cleaning to avoid scratches.
  2. Sometimes, you would have to mop your floor. You should note that you must use a damp mop instead of a wet one. Excess water can go into the wood and damage it.
  3. While cleaning your hardwood floors, avoid oil-based solutions or wax. You should opt for a pH-neutral cleaner developed explicitly for hardwood floors.
  4. Don’t forget to clean up spills.
  5. Consider Not Wearing Shoes Around the House

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