Hardwood floors are a classic choice for any home. However, there are so many options of wood type, color, and style of flooring that you can choose from, it can almost be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for every home! Here are the top hardwood flooring trends we’re expecting to see in 2022. 

Patterned Wood 

Traditional hardwood flooring is usually cut into identical boards and laid in straight lines. While this look is classic, 2022 will favor a more updated appearance when it comes to patterns. Herringbone is one pattern that is taking center stage. It’s a classic, recognizable pattern that adds a hint of luxury to hardwood flooring. Installing hardwood flooring in patterns also helps to emphasize the unique coloring and grain of each board. 

Bleached Wood

Hardwood flooring is always an excellent, beautiful, durable choice for any home. However, the natural shades of brown may not go with your interior aesthetic. Many homeowners are opting for bleached wood as an alternative to typical brown-colored hardwood. Bleached wood has had any stain or treatment on the wood and then been whitewashed for an ashy gray color. This technique lightens the color of the wood without removing grain visibility, so you can still enjoy the natural beauty of a hardwood floor. 

Smoked Wood

Hardwood flooring typically goes through a staining or finishing process before installation. This gives the floor a deeper or different color than its natural one and protects the wood itself. But as you’ve already seen, 2022 is all about innovative alternatives to traditional solutions. Instead of a standard stain, smoked wood undergoes a chemical reaction to produce a patina on the wood. This patina depends on how each grain of wood reacts to the chemical, so no two boards will look exactly alike in color. Using boards of different shades and grain visibility creates a rustic yet refined floor, perfect for beach or lake houses.

Weathered Wood

When installed, treated, and maintained properly, hardwood flooring can last for decades. However, with daily wear and tear, it can be challenging to keep hardwood floors in pristine condition for all that time. In 2022, homeowners will be embracing the lived-in look and opting for weathered wood. An artificial aging process creates a well-worn appearance without actually causing damage to the floorboards themselves. Instead of a bright sheen, these boards are smooth and matte. This style goes well in contemporary or industrial-style homes. Check with your flooring specialist for the best way to maintain, clean, and protect weathered wood. 

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