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Hardwood Floor Installation and Repair in Sudbury

Sudbury is located in Middlesex County of Boston’s metro-west area.  Sudbury, MA, has a population of over 18,000 and continues growing each year. Between beautiful homes, local businesses, and more, there is no shortage of properties in Sudbury that could benefit from Central Mass Hardwood Inc.’s professional hardwood flooring services. Central Mass Hardwood Inc. is proud to offer our exceptional hardwood flooring installations, repairs, refinishes, and more to homes and businesses within Sudbury!

Add Some Character to your Sudbury Home

With so many choices of stains and different types of hardwoods, you can’t go wrong whether you want a traditional or modern style.  A new hardwood floor will certainly be a nice addition to your Sudbury home!  Nothing adds character like the right wood finish. At Central Mass Hardwood, we work with engineered, prefinished, and unfinished hardwood. If you’re unsure which stain will look best, we can help you choose and determine what will match the other materials in your home. Some of the most popular stains include ash, maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany.

Hardwood Floor Installations in Sudbury

Whether you are a home or business owner in Sudbury, Central Mass Hardwood Inc. can help install beautiful new hardwood floors for you! No matter if you simply need to replace flooring that is damaged or are looking to rip up an old, musty carpet and replace it with sleek hardwood, our team will take care of it. By offering a wide variety of high-quality wood species as well as stains and polishes suitable to match any style, it is no wonder that Central Mass Hardwood Inc. has left Sudbury residents pleased for years!

Hardwood Floor Repairs in Sudbury

Although hardwood floors are extremely durable and long-lasting, at some point in time, they will require some repairs. Small issues like scrapes or gouges from pets or furniture are common reasons customers seek repairs, but our team can also fix major issues like cracks, missing planks, warped planks, and more with ease! Our team strives to make repairs as seamless and stress-free as possible, ensuring that the repairs match the exact style of the original floor.

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Central Mass Hardwood Inc. is Sudbury’s preferred team for complete hardwood flooring services, including installs, repairs, refinishes, and even custom flooring options. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote! We look forward to working with you.

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