Hardwood floors are a popular choice for almost any house or building today. Most homeowners are likely to go for this kind of flooring, as the advantages and beauty it provides are unmatched. There are tons of hardwood lookalikes on the market but the real thing is still the top dog. It’s attractive, durable, and gentle on the feet.

The look different people want with their hardwood varies, but there are certain patterns we see spreading. From stains to tints to makeup to finishes, we’ve collected a list of the most recent trends that you’ll continue to see throughout 2019 and beyond!


The popularity of gray wood, tiles, and vinyl flooring began growing in the early part of this decade. Requests to refinish original flooring to the modern gray color is becoming more and more common, even though it is by no means an easy job. As with all colors, there are different shades of gray in demand, with major incorporation of deep tans and subtle hazel and coffee colors. Certain lines showcase variations like warm or rustic gray, but you should try them all out in person before making a final pick.


Modern whitewashes are less glossy and intense in color. Most consumers are going for the natural looking white that doesn’t contrast too greatly from standard floorboards. Certain sealers work wonders at obtaining that desired look with no necessity for a stain.

Cool and Dark

Reds and warm tones seem to be dying these days as the average consumer prefers cool browns with an emphasis on darkness. Homeowners seem to be going increasingly darker by combining in blacks and grays with wood coloring.

Deep black has become a very attractive color but bear in mind that all dark floorboards are harder to keep looking tidy. A lighter dark will allow for simpler upkeep so if you’re looking in that direction, you may want to try a deep brown.

Satin and Matte

These two finishes are the most common today due to their resistance against visible marks and uncleanliness. The flatter the better and both boast a longer lifespan than shiny counterparts.

Naturally Light

Homeowners still opt to reduce the appearance of warm undertones in light natural wood colors. The all-natural appearance of wood is another popular choice and products like Bona Traffic HD can assist in providing you with the lighter look you want.

Durable, Eco-Friendly Finishes

High-quality polyurethane plastics last longer and are safer for the environment. Volatile Organic Compounds are nonexistent within oiled flooring so this form of finishing is becoming more common as well. It provides your floor with an inherent dullness and strength against wear. These floors are costlier though and require frequent applications of oil without the overall protection seen in polyurethane.

Site finished wood

Flooring finished in your home rather than prior to purchase appears less mature and generally more uniform and level. The finishing feels nicer and allows you to personalize stains according to your own house.

Upgrade Your Hardwood Floors

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