When remodeling, or starting fresh with a new home, there are a myriad of design choices you’ll have to make. One of the key factors that go into the design of a room or house is flooring. Hardwood flooring is a staple in most modernized houses, giving them a sleek and compact look that goes well with its surroundings. One of the main differentiating factors is the kind of sealer you’ll use to make your hardwood last over the years and give it that finishing touch you desire. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different styles to give you an edge when deciding.


Sheen is an indication of how much light is reflected off of your hardwood. Whether your hardwood is black, mahogany, brown, or tan, an important decision to be made is which type of sheen you want to use. Typically, hardwood floors sheens are separated into three categories; Semi-Gloss, Satin, and Matte. The more gloss you want, the more reflective your hardwood will be and vice versa. Semi-Gloss is the highest of the three and will give your floor a shiny appeal. Satin is considered a medium gloss, and the most popular, giving hardwood a glossy tone that isn’t considered over the top. At the bottom of the spectrum is Matte, which is considered the dullest and usually used in high traffic areas. 


If you want your floor to glisten when the sun shines, then semi-gloss is the finish for you. Rated on the higher end of the sheen scale with 45-55% shine, a semi-gloss finish can make your room vibrant and eye-popping. Typically a shine of this magnitude is used in dining rooms, sunrooms, studies, and even some bedrooms. It’s a perfect match for fancy decor that you want to show off but it does have some downfalls. It’s important to consider that a semi-gloss finish will wear easier than satin or matte. Although it may start off shining even on the darkest days, the more use it gets the less shiny it will be. If you have a certain appeal to shiny floors and think semi-gloss is your best option, it would be ideal to have a regularly scheduled cleaning for it so that it dust, footprints, and scratches do not show up easily. Dark brown and mahogany hardwood will be more inept to showing its wear than a lighter color like tan or grey. 


A Satin finish is a perfect balance of formal and casual. Measured at around 35-40% shine, it offers some of the lighting effects you get from a semi-gloss without the cleaning maintenance. Classic colors like tan and brown are commonly used with a satin finish allowing the wear and tear that does happen over time minimal exposure. If you want the best of both worlds between appeal and longevity, satin is the finish for you. 


Matte finishes tend to have between 10-25% gloss depending on your preference. Known for their longevity, this finish is perfect for children’s rooms and high traffic areas due to its ability to hide dirt, scratches, and scuffs. Matte finishes are the most casual and have become increasingly popular in country style homes. While some believe matte is too dull of a finish, others believe it offers a perfectly clean look that isn’t over the top. It reflects minimal amounts of light so even after a clean it may look exactly the same as it did before. If you want a finish that will leave you worry-free, with minimal cleaning and maintenance while also giving you an updated look, a matte finish will get the job done


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