Hardwood floors come with plenty of perks, they are beautiful, durable and, most of all, highly customizable. When installing hardwood floors the homeowner is faced with decisions on which species of wood, stain, and finish they think best fits the style of their home. Being that hardwood floors are a long-term investment this is no easy task! Luckily, our team of experts at Central Mass Hardwood Inc. is here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the best finish sheens for your new floors. The four types of finishes that Central Mass Hardwood offers are: matte, satin, semi-gloss and glossy. Continue reading on as we break down each style of finish!

Matte Finished Hardwood Floors

Matte floors, first off, are the floors with the least shine. This is determined when the light reflection of a floor is measured from a 60-degree angle. Matte floors are less pronounced and more subtle than the three shinier alternatives. Some homeowners may consider matte flooring to be too bland as it has only about 1/3 the shine of glossy floors. One major advantage of matte floors is their ability to hide blemishes, stains, or any other damage thanks to their less-reflective properties.

Satin Finished Hardwood Floors

Recent trends show that satin finishes are without a doubt the most sought-after Massachusetts by homeowners. Satin-finished floors are much shinier than matte-finished floors but still provide enough of a traditional and subtle look which many homeowners prefer. Much like matte floors, satin finishes are able to hide knicks and other damage well, yet to a lesser degree than matte.

Semi-Gloss Finished Hardwood Floors

Our second shiniest finish option is semi-gloss. This style of finish offers a pronounced and long-lasting shine which is rivaled only by a full glossy finish. Semi-gloss finishes have become associated with elegance and class. Do be aware, however, semi-gloss floors do not have the ability to hide blemishes very well and require far more maintenance than satin or matte finishes.

Glossy Finished Hardwood Floors

Our final and most captivating finish offering is glossy. Glossy floors are known for their eye-catching and spectacular shine which is the longest-lasting of all finishes. Glossy floors are most favored in sleek, and fancy homes and establishments- think fine dining restaurants! While the beautiful shine of glossy finishes may be appealing, glossy floors require far more maintenance than any other finish. The bright shine cannot conceal dirt, footprints, scratches, or the like. We highly recommend glossy floors are installed in low-traffic areas unless you are prepared for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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