When you think about hardwood floors you probably imagine the polished, shiny finish that has been in style for so many years. There’s a new trend gaining popularity though, so it’s time to adjust your mental image of hardwood flooring! Matte hardwood is a daring and unique spin on traditional hardwood floors. Before you decide it’s not for you, check out these awesome benefits that come along with it!


It’s no surprise that one of the biggest benefits is how matte hardwood looks. It’s a bold design choice that people entering your home are sure to notice! Matte hardwood tends to bring a new level of sophistication to any space. Matte floors can perfectly complement a modern, minimalistic design or a more rustic, homey design. Whatever your design vision is, matte hardwood can help take it to the next level!


Shiny hardwood floors have an unfortunate way of highlighting any imperfection on the floor. Scratches, dents, and other small damages are easily noticed because of the polished finish. Matte hardwood has the opposite effect! Those imperfections will blend into the natural grain of the wood and chances are, you’ll never see them if you aren’t actually looking!

Disguise Dust

Matte hardwood can disguise a lot more than just annoying imperfections. Dust, dirt, and small pieces of debris will be camouflaged into the floor too! Shiny hardwood floors have a glossy finish that reflects the light, highlighting dust sitting on the surface. Matte floors won’t draw attention to the daily dust and dirt that accumulate on your flooring. This will allow you to go more days between cleaning sessions and save some serious time on your chore list! This is an even bigger perk if you’re a pet owner who struggles to keep pet hair and dander off of your floors or a parent handling a notoriously messy kid.

Show Off Wood Texture

Wood flooring can be textured using hand scraping, wire brushing, and more. If you want to purchase textured flooring, there’s no reason to cover that texture up with a glossy finish! Matte flooring allows the natural grain of the wood and any added texture to be the star of the show. Seeing those small details in your hardwood flooring will make it more interesting to look at and even more exciting to decorate around!

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