Whether you’re fully moving out of your home, or just remodeling/rearranging, you’ll want to take preventative measures to protect your assets. In all of the commotion, it’s not uncommon that your floors will take quite the beating- between dragging furniture, dropping heavy items, dirt, and debris, you’d be surprised at the damage you might be left with. Hardwood floors, in particular, are a big investment, and a few scratches or chips can completely diminish the once elegant look. Here are some tips to avoid damaging your hardwood floors while moving.

Don’t Drag Furniture

Well, it seems obvious, but so many of us still do it. Furniture can be very heavy, often times too much for us to lift. Therefore, we resort to dragging it across the floor rather than waiting for someone who is able to lift if or trying an alternative method. If you do have to drag, make sure there’s a cushion or some sort of slider between the floor and the furniture to protect the floors. Gliders are a reusable, and convenient option to make your move go a lot smoother. 

Lighten Your Load

If possible, make the furniture lighter before moving. For example, if it can be taken apart into smaller, easier to move pieces, do so. Take drawers out of dressers, carry couch cushions separately, take items out of desks, etc. Not only will this help to make furniture lighter, but it will also prevent drawers and other parts from falling during the move and damaging your wood floors.

Be Wary of Wheels

Just because they’re meant to make the move easier, doesn’t mean they won’t cause damage. We often make the mistake of thinking since it’s rolling, not dragging, that it won’t scratch. If you’re going to wheel something, layout hardboard on your floor to roll the wheels over it. Also, if you’re going to use a dolly, make sure it has inflatable rubber wheels, as hard rubber wheels are likely to damage your floor.