Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home that will last for many years. Hardwood floors are meant to last a long time and won’t show age the same way carpet would, so how do you know when they need to be replaced? There are some telltale signs that your hardwood floors are beyond repair, so let’s discuss what you should be looking out for!  

Nails Showing

One of the indicators that contractors have used for years to determine if hardwood floor needs to be replaced is the number of visible nails in the flooring. If more than about 30% of your hardwood has visible nails, it’s time to get rid of the old flooring and install something new. High traffic areas are the most prone to nails showing through the wood. If visible nails are isolated to just the high traffic areas of your floor, a partial replacement of that area may be enough to get your floors back in good shape. 

Floorboard Issues

If your floorboards feel like they’re swaying, moving, or buckling as you walk on them, they’ll need to be replaced and structural repairs may need to be made to the subfloor too. Squeaks and creaks are normal for hardwood, but the floor shouldn’t actually move. A contactor should inspect your homes foundation for any signs of a structural repair that will need to be completed before the floors can be replaced.

Making Repairs 

Hardwood floor that doesn’t have nails showing or boards that are moving under your weight can usually just be repaired to get them back in pristine condition. Repairing the existing hardwood is a labor-intensive job that requires great attention to detail, so it’s best not to DIY this home repair.

Repairs commonly include sanding, refinishing, and sealing the floors. This will get rid of most scratches and dents while preventing them better in the future. If you’re wanting to change up the look of the home, refinishing the existing floors is so much more affordable and environmentally friendly than replacing them with new wood! Use an oil based polyurethane coating to seal your floors 3-4 years after they’ve been refinished to extend the life of your floors even longer. Polyurethane coating offers an extra level of protection against scratches and dents which is especially helpful for people with kids or animals in the home. 

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