For years carpet has been the preferred choice of flooring in a home’s bedrooms due to its soft and comfortable nature. However, recent style trends have shifted towards a preference for hardwood floors in bedrooms- and for good reason!


Any homeowner, especially those with children, can relate to how quickly carpets can get filthy due to spills and every day wear and tear. Where carpets require regular vacuuming, steaming and so on to maintain their original look, hardwood floors require far less maintenance to remain sparkling clean for much longer periods of time. 

Children aren’t the only culprit here- carpeted bedrooms which pets frequent can be left with dirt, fur, a lingering pet scent and loads of allergens trapped in the carpets. Yet another advantage of hardwood flooring in bedrooms is its ability to deter allergens as its smooth finish is unable to trap airborne allergens. We all know how unpleasant it is to start your day with allergies!


Like any part of your home, your floors should be a long term investment. While a carpet’s natural coloration fades and the fibers become matted, hardwood floors keep their original appearance much longer. As with all styles of flooring, hardwood floors will need refinishing at some point. However, hardwood floors outlast carpet tenfold, especially in spaces such as a bedroom with less traffic than a kitchen or living room area. 


Architecture and interior design change at the speed of light. One thing that has remained true for decades is that hardwood flooring is tasteful and can match any space in a home. No matter if your home is stylized as modern or rustic there is a hardwood floor species and stain to match. A home’s bedrooms are its most evolving spaces going through frequent furniture changes and layout variants. It is very tough to match traditional carpet to a room, especially one that can be changed so often, as opposed to hardwood.

Installing Hardwood of Your Own

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