Hardwood flooring has been around for a long time and is popular in both traditional and modern home designs. We used to only see hardwood in the living room and main areas of the home but adding hardwood to the kitchen is a newer trend. If you’re considering adding hardwood flooring to some kitchen you probably have some questions, so let’s dig into the details a little more!

The Best Type of Hardwood for Kitchens

Hardwood can be purchased already finished so it just has to be installed, or it can be purchased unfinished, to be stained, and finished after installation. Finished hardwood may be more convenient, but it’s not the best choice for kitchens. Kitchens are a high traffic area of the home and beveled edges on the wood won’t age well in that environment. Purchasing unfinished wood that can be finished after installation will lead to a better life expectancy for your hardwood in such a busy area of the home.


You can maintain hardwood floors in your kitchen easily. Simply sweep them with a broom and then lightly mop with a hardwood cleaner to restore the shiny, new look. Your floors may need sanded and refinished later down the line, but you won’t have to worry about that for quite a few years.

Benefits of Hardwood in the Kitchen

Hardwood in the kitchen has been gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Some of the most notable reasons include:

  • Comfort – hardwood is more comfortable to stand on when cooking and cleaning than tile.
  • Design – hardwood looks modern, sleek, and contemporary. Investing in hardwood really improves the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • ROI – if you plan to sell your home, hardwood floors will increase the resale value big time!
  • Easy maintenance – you won’t have to worry about scrubbing grout and other tedious maintenance to your kitchen floors if they’re hardwood.

Installing and finishing hardwood is no small task, so attempting to DIY it is not the best choice. Instead, find a reputable hardwood company that uses high-quality products and installation processes. A professional hardwood service can also offer refinishing services later down the road to bring outdated hardwood back to life again!

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