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Hardwood Flooring in Bolton, MA

Bolton is a Central Massachusetts town located in Worcester County, Bolton is known for its orchards and farms and now has a population of just under 6,000 residents. Located just a few towns over from our office in Marlborough, Bolton is an area our team has completed many projects over the years! If you own a property in Bolton, MA, continue reading to learn how our services can be beneficial!

Hardwood Floor Installation in Bolton, MA

Hardwood floor installations is one of the main services our team can provide. A solid hardwood floor is tough to beat and can last for many years. If you are looking for flooring that will hold up for decades, hardwood floors check the box.

Hardwood Floor Repairs in Bolton, MA

While hardwood floors are strong and durable, they are not invincible. Hardwood floors will likely need a repair due to its old age or damage from sharp objects and heavy furniture. Whatever the reason, when your hardwood floor needs a repair, you can count on the team at Central Mass Hardwood! We can fix your damaged hardwood floor in no time!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Bolton, MA

Sometimes hardwood floors do not need a repair job, just a refinishing! Refinishing your hardwood floor can make the flooring look new again, improve its longevity and increase safety. If the aesthetics of your hardwood flooring is important to you, a refinishing job could be just what it needs.

Custom Hardwood Flooring in Bolton, MA

After many years in the industry, our team understands hardwood flooring will look different in each home. That is why we love to offer custom hardwood flooring options! When you pick our team, we will work carefully with you to choose the hardwood flooring option best suited for your property!

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We have been in the hardwood flooring industry for over a decade and our passion has never wavered. If you need a hardwood flooring service as soon as possible in Central Massachusetts, contact us today!

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