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Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Wayland MA

As a town in the Middlesex County of MA, Wayland is one of the many towns that Central Mass Hardwood is happy to offer our services in! Since 1996, our team of expert craftsmen has been providing quality hardwood flooring to homes and businesses of the Wayland community. Hardwood floors make an elegant and classy addition to any space. Whether you’re starting new construction and will be in need of installation, or are looking for refinishing services to restore the beauty of your existing floors, we can help! As a hardwood flooring contractor, we provide installation services, refinishing, repairs and custom designs. Keep reading to learn more about our hardwood flooring expertise. 

Hardwood Floor Installation in Wayland MA

Doing any sort of home remodeling or new construction is an exciting time. It’s often a time to start over with a blank palette and explore all options for design. Luckily, with hardwood flooring, the opportunities are endless! With many different hardwood flooring species and finishes to choose from, you can match nearly any other materials in your space and coordinate with other decor. Some of the most popular hardwoods include white oak, red oak and pine. If you’re unsure which species would look best in your home or business, our experts will gladly help. You can also check out our gallery page for inspiration from our previous projects. Our installation is thorough and efficient. To learn more about how we work, check out our installation page

Repairs, Refinishing & Staining 

Your hardwood floors are an investment that should last for years to come. Although it is natural that over the years they will experience natural wear and tear, this certainly does not mean that replacement is your only option. If your floors have scratches and digs, or have simply lost their shine, refinishing may be just what they need! Our hardwood floor refinishing services in Wayland MA are second to none, and we’ll have your floors shining like new in no time. 

Custom Flooring Designs 

Why settle for ordinary, when you can have extraordinary? At Central Mass hardwood, we also specialize in custom hardwood flooring designs to add a little extra touch of personalization to your space. A custom medallion is a unique option, border inlays, and beyond. To learn more about our options, get in contact with one of our specialists.

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