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Hardwood Floor Installations and Repairs in Northborough

Northborough, located in Worcester County, is home to nearly 15,000 residents. Originally a part of Marlborough, it became its own town in 1807. As a part of Central Massachusetts, it is a fairly easy commute into Boston, Worcester, and other major cities. If you’re a homeowner in Northborough looking to upgrade your space, Central Mass Hardwood can help! Our wonderful team has over 20 years of experience in hardwood floor installations, repairs, refinishes, and custom designs. 

Hardwood Floor Installation in Northborough

We provide hardwood floor services in Northborough, including installation. We’ll help you with the decision-making process, choosing a finish that will best suit your space and style. We’ll provide recommendations based on whether it is a high-traffic area, if you have pets, if the area will be exposed to water, etc. There are several factors that play into which hardwood floor is best for your room. We also provide custom wood flooring designs for those that want to get a little creative! 

Hardwood Floor Repairs in Northborough

Although they are highly durable, all hardwood floors will show signs of damage and aging at a certain point. But don’t worry, Central Mass Hardwood offers repair services in Northborough that will leave your floors looking like they were just installed for the first time! From chips, cracks, and gouges all the way to complete plank replacements, Central Mass Hardwood can restore your floors to their original condition matching the exact style to the point that it will appear there was never a repair in the first place. 


Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northborough

Naturally, hardwood floors are going to show some wear and tear over the years. However, this does not necessarily mean you need new floors. Refinishing and staining are great alternatives to transform your older hardwood floors to make them look brand new again. When you choose Central Mass Hardwood, we first provide professional dust-free sanding to remove existing finishes, followed by applying 3-4 coats of oil or water-based polyurethane. To finish the process, lastly, we’ll buff your floors to make them shine like they did when they were new. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at your “new” floors! 

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